Cyber Security

EPODIUM is an expert in Security, providing solutions that enable organizations to run effectively without the fear of any malware or ransomware attacks. Today, organizations are facing increased levels of smarter and far more sophisticated cyberattacks. These intrusions are often left undiscovered for weeks, while breaches could remain undiscovered for months. The financial and economic damage an attack can cause is substantial for an organization, as it could result in loss of revenue, customers, opportunities, and many other costs.

In an effort to keep their infrastructure secure, many organizations have increased the number of vendors in their security environment. Unfortunately, this can cause challenges around orchestrating efficient alerts, allowing for legitimate threats to slip through. EPODIUM’s certified engineers will work with you to provide the best security solutions that fits your organization’s environment and needs.

EPODIUM’s Cyber Security Solutions will enable organizations to run more efficiently with minimal downtime by:

Isolating the network from specific attacks

 Blocking threats quickly and efficiently with a complete protected threat defense

Offering flexible solutions on hardware, software, hybrid security on-and/or off-premises

Automating threat identification and enforcement across cloud, network, and endpoints

Ensuring a managed environment across the network – including users, devices, cloud and other applications

Our certified engineers will work with one of your security OEM Partners to provide the best security solution that fits your environment and needs.